11 May 2011

Prince Appropriation

How common is it for police officers in the UK to appropriate the property of suspects or from the scene of a crime?

I've written about this before in, "Troubled by Julie", a case where a police officer was supposed to destroy evidence that was no longer required but instead appropriated it. The property, jackets and shoes, was valued at £1,200 but the judge overseeing the hearing (Mr Justice Prince) said that the value of the goods, because they were going to be destroyed, was nothing and as such it wasn't in the public interest to bring the prosecution. After this hearing the CPS dropped the case.

I thought this was an isolated incident but now I'm not so sure.

A week ago the Independent reported, "Gun police suspended over photograph" where, hidden in the confused story we have,
"Three officers - a sergeant and two Pcs - were arrested for misconduct in March in connection with allegations that items seized during raids later appeared on eBay, the force said."
Is there a culture of entitlement to this property within the police forces in the UK?

(I posted a similar article to http://policestate.co.uk/ but it hasn't been published, hence the note above).

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