19 April 2011

Sceptics of Darwinism

Anyone who expresses any scepticism of Darwin is usually written off as some God-bothering crank. However, there are some interesting critics of Darwinism, a study of whom and why they are critical of the hypothesis leads to a deeper understanding of science. In that vein, here's Marcel-Paul Schützenberger
From The Miracles of Darwinism,
"In 1966, Sch├╝tzenberger participated in the Wistar Symposium on mathematical objections to neo-Darwinism. His arguments were subtle and often misunderstood by biologists. Darwin's theory, he observed, and the interpretation of biological systems as formal objects, were at odds insofar as randomness is known to degrade meaning in formal contexts. But Sch├╝tzenberger also argued that Darwin's theory logically required some active principle of coordination between the typographic space of the informational macromolecules (DNA and RNA) and the organic space of living creatures themselves -- which Darwin's theory does not provide."

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