22 March 2011

Tax Tax Tax; or, My Budget

Budget week in the UK, so here's my budget.
Tax Borrowing/Lending
The principal of every loan in the land would be taxed at 5% (maybe more, maybe less). Every mortgage loan taken out would yield 5% of the principal, this would go straight to the Chancellor; likewise, every purchase on tic, every car loan, every holiday etc, etc. Huge city buy outs, using money borrowed against the company being bought (think, Manchester United / Glaser bros; think, Kraft / Cadbury) would yield more cash for the treasury. No, we're not all in it together. Those who borrowed up to the hilt brought it on the rest of us. They can pay us all back.
Tax Benefits
All benefits to be added up and taxed as income. No longer will people be able to get more money on benefit than someone who is working. (Exception: sickness).
Equity for Rent
All rent paid on land will buy a beneficial interest as will any investment in the property. The renter will immediately become a beneficiary and will then have all the settled equitable rights and benefits that are already in place.

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