18 February 2011

Feasibility Study of Pepper to Ecstacy (MDMA) Route

In a previous post I presented as much data as possiblel to try and determine whether or not Alexandra Grove was a bomb factory or a drug factory. This analysis was based around the chemistry of the substances involved.

In this post I want to pull together the quantities of material necessary in order to make one kilogram of ecstacy (MDMA) - a skeleton costing where the reader is asked to supply his own prices.

Starting Material (kg)Product (kg)Notes
Pepper (225)Piperine (11.24)Assuming 5 % wt piperine in pepper
Piperine (11.24)Piperonal (2.66)assuming a 45 % theoretical yield on the basis of the Erowid Chemistry
Piperonal (2.66)MDMA / Ecstacy (1.0)based on a theoretical yield of 29 % from the UN Drug Report, 2.5 p 4

In short, you're looking at using a quarter of a tonne of pepper to obtain over a kilogram of MDMA.

This analysis doesn't include any labour or other raw materials.

It doesn't look like a commercially viable process to me. As to whether or not the Alexandra Grove crew did this feasibility study is anyones guess.

But when trying to answer the question drug factory vs bomb factory, it is a useful piece of information.

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