07 January 2011

Schools and Burst Pipes

A google search of "school burst pipes" throws up a number of stories about schools being trashed by burst water pipes.

The schools are facing massive repair bills and significant disruption for pupils.

In this story, School counts cost of flooding damage,

"The school caretaker discovered the flood on Monday, December 20, after a pipe burst in the roof."

However, "At Badsley Moor Julia Pennington said the damage could have been worse if the caretaker had not checked the school on a day when he was meant to be off duty.

She said: "It was very lucky for us that he did – if not the water that was flooding into the school would have continued for a full 24 hours more.

I underline to ask a couple of questions ... who would have checked the school if it wasn't for the caretaker coming in on his day off? How many of these school bursts could have been mitigated by headteachers checking up on their schools?

These schools are worth hundreds of thousands of pounds; they are in their care, are they taking adequate care of the buildings? I doubt it but I would hope to be proved wrong.

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