10 January 2011

Hunt Kidd Charged With Theft

I've been following the story of the closure of Newcastle solicitors Hunt Kidd since November 2009 (see, Legal Trouble In The Northeast): the BBC have just reported that,

"Two solicitors have been charged with stealing more than £1m from clients.

Barbara Gayton, 52, from Newcastle, and 64-year-old Kenneth Hunt, from Alnwick in Northumberland, will appear before magistrates in Newcastle on 31 January.

Ms Gayton and Mr Hunt are jointly charged with thefts from clients of the Hunt Kidd law firm in Newcastle where they both worked.

Will update as the story develops.

Update, 11th January 2011, the Newcastle Journal has provided a slightly fuller account, "Newcastle solicitors charged with stealing from clients". However, as yet, we are still unsure of the specific charges.

Update, 11th May 2011. The press have been extremely quiet about this case and so I decided to 'phone Newcastle Law Courts. They explained that (i) they didn't know what happened on the 31st January; (ii) the defendants had not yet pleaded; (iii) that they received the case from the Magistrates court on 7th March of this year, and, (iv) the case was due to be heard next week (w/c 16th May 2011).

Update. 12th Oct 2011. As yet nothing has happened in this story since the Newcastle Journal reported on 1st Feb 2011 that, "North East solicitors enter no plea at court date." In other words they opted for a trial on indictment rather than a summary conviction, see s1(3) Fraud Act 2006.

The Journal also provides two useful tagswhich will help in following the case.

Still following.

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