30 May 2010

Albemarle to Close?

Albemarle Barracks can be found here:

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It is overlooked by a small farming community called Harlow Hill which is owned by the Duke of Northumberland.

Planning permission has been granted on the Harlow Hill site in order to,

"Proposal Conversion of existing buildings to form 12 holiday units, 28 new build holiday units, construction of playhouse, clubhouse and conversion of former chapel to manager's suite, office and shop"

Mmmmm. Planning permission for a caravan site to overlook a military establishment; not only a military establishment but one that receives nuclear ordinance every now and then.

Only an idiot would approve such a planning application, unless Albemarle barracks were going to close down.

08 May 2010

Loser Clegg

The Guardian reports, Nick Griffin under pressure after BNP's poor performance.

Fair enough.

But what about Nick Clegg? His electoral performance has been poor: losing seats and being roundly rejected by the electorate who reinforced the point that the Lid Dems are very much a minority party.

If the BNP had 57 seats, would the Tory/Labour politicians toady up to them?