17 December 2010

The Sienna Zugzwang

It was only yesterday that I was writing about the "Phone Hacking Stalemate where I wrote,

"Most probably in view of the civil cases pertaining to the phone hacking scandal crawling through the courts the CPS says,

""It is possible that further allegations will be made and the CPS remains willing to consider any evidence submitted to us by the police. To facilitate this, the CPS and the Metropolitan Police Service intend to convene a panel of police officers and prosecutors to assess those allegations with a view to determining whether or not investigations should take place."

Lo and behold, here is a story from the Telegraph, "'New evidence' found in phone-hacking lawsuit.

"Lawyers for Sienna Miller claim to have discovered evidence which shows that a senior News of the World executive was aware a private investigator was being paid to hack into the actress' voicemails.

The claims are detailed in a document lodged with the High Court in preparation for Ms Miller's civil case against the newspaper. She is suing News of the World for breach of privacy and harassment.

The claims come just a week after the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced that there was no new evidence which would justify bringing prosecutions against any other journalists from News of the World.


It has been suggested that Scotland Yard failed to investigate the phone tapping at the News of the World properly and that evidence implicating other journalists in the hacking of voicemails was ignored. But last week the CPS said that – despite a number of new witnesses coming forward to say that the practice was widespread at the newspaper – none of them had evidence which would reach the threshold necessary for a criminal prosecution.

See Inforrm's, "“Phone Hacking – Questions to Answer” – Brian Cathcart" note on the matter. See the Guardian's story, Sienna Miller Phone Hacking Documents, which gives Miller's Particulars of Claim. Expect the scandal to keep simmering.

Update, 5th Jan 2011. The Telegraph tells us, "The News of the World suspends staff member over alleged phone hacking."

Sienna has kept the heat up,

"The allegation is understood to have stemmed from fresh litigation brought about by Sienna Miller, the actress and model, ..."

but as yet, no zugzwang from Scotland Yard/CPS.

Update 7th January 2011. The Independent reports, "Phone hacking: Now Met police are in the dock. Calls for force to lose control of investigation after 'News of the World' executive is suspended."

This is the sort of thing I meant by the Sienna Zugzwang.

"Britain's largest police force faces growing calls for it to be stripped of its powers in the inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World, with MPs and public figures demanding that an independent police force take over the case.


It emerged last night that Scotland Yard had known of evidence against Mr Edmondson four years ago when officers were investigating the paper's former royal correspondent Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who were both convicted of unlawfully intercepting telephone calls in 2007. Asked yesterday why it had not questioned Mr Edmondson, the Met refused to comment, but a source said that senior figures at the Yard had resisted broadening the investigation.


Last night the Crown Prosecution Service declined to say whether its lawyers had been sent the "new"
[note the speech marks] evidence yet by the police.


Brian Paddick, a former senior Metropolitan Police officer who is taking legal action over allegations that his phone was hacked, told The Independent last night: "When the police are forced to disclose information by court order then it tends to raise doubts about whether the case has been properly investigated or not."

Update 9th January 2011, The Guardian Editorial is headed, "Phone hacking: Questions keep coming. We need answers",

"A powerful news organisation pays cash to avert scrutiny of dubious practices. Those practices are inadequately investigated by a police force that is thought to collaborate with the same news organisation. MPs say their inquiries are tempered by fear. The man who presided over the newspaper at the centre of the allegations is now the prime minister's chief media aide.

These are the ingredients for a major scandal. Mr Cameron needs to start responding to it as such.

Clarity is now beginning to appear in the mainstream.


  1. I have been hearing this story online and some article about it in the newspaper, and I think what the news of the world is doing is out of order and this purely harrasment. I heard that she went to the police about this enquiry and they didn't do fuck all about it, which doesn't surprise me really. Because I know for a fact the british corrupted law enforcement in this country they using most of the BT UK engineers to monitor people phones all round the united kingdom especially based on people who crimes are petty or to catch people who are illegal imigrant and heard they being doing this operation for years. Instead of these fucking police and survillance monitor people whose can put people lives at risk instead of petty crime, but no they waste government money and practice corruption by choosing to monitor the wrong type of people and there phones who is no threat to society. It really goes too shows you what Great Britain is coming too, and shows us the public the kind of corruption in the law in the UK we are as a society are abiding by. If you ask me Sienna is not only the Media you have to watch who can tape your conversation on your phone, you also have to watch UK Law enforcement too, because believe me they also doing exactly the same thing too just like the media and they also doing it undercover...Just listen to my wise advice just be very careful what you and Jude say on the phone, and if you and him got anything personal to say to friends and family you speak to them confidential face to face... Because you just can't trust telecommunication nowadays especially when it comes to private and personal conversation.
    by Irresistable Girl

  2. "I heard that she went to the police about this enquiry and they didn't do fuck all about it,"

    It is thought that the police know that there are hundreds of people who have been spied upon by the News of the World. She is one of them. The police should have come to her rather than she going to them.

    "I know for a fact the british corrupted law enforcement in this country they using most of the BT UK engineers"

    There is an EU directive that compells service providers, such as BT, to log all calls made.

    ".Just listen to my wise advice just be very careful what you and Jude say on the phone,"

    If Sienna and Jude read this blog, I'm sure that they'd be grateful for your advice.

    Thanks for your comment, IG.