27 July 2010

Ψ of Limited Hangout

It has been suggested that wikileaks is a limited hangout, see here.

A limited hangout has been described in the following manner,

"A "limited hangout" is used by Intelligence Organization's when a clandestine operation goes bad; or, a phoney cover story blows up. When discovered the Intelligence Organization volunteers some of the truth while still managing to withhold key and damaging facts in the case.

The public is so intrigued by the new information it doesn't pursue the matter further.

Which immediately brings to my mind the danger of confessions during in police investigations ...

"...a suspect’s confession sets in motion a virtually irrefutable presumption of guilt among criminal justice officials, the media, the public and lay jurors. A suspect who confesses—whether truthfully or falsely—will be treated more harshly at every stage of the criminal justice process."

All very clever ...

(for some etymology of the limited hangout, see wikipedia).

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