02 July 2010

Mysterious Report?

Day 2 of press reports of the Swine Flu report ... but where is it?

The Daily Mail, says, "More than £1.2billion of taxpayers’ money was spent on the swine flu pandemic that never materialised, a report has found.

The Government was forced to squander vast sums on vaccines based on dire predictions that never came true.

But ministers were committed to the spending because drugs giants refused to back out of their contracts.

The official review into the Government’s response to swine flu said that, overall, it was ‘proportionate and effective’.

But the review noted that there was a lack of ‘flexibility’ in the contracts signed by drugs firms which left the Health Service with millions of needless doses of the vaccine.

Etc, etc etc,

Which is what was said yesterday. But as to where to find the report?

Perhaps it will be released when it's no longer news.

5th July 2010 I found the following link to the Cabinet Office which gives a link to, "The 2009 Influenza Pandemic - An independent review of the UK response to the 2009 influenza pandemic" - as to why newspaper/BBC reports couldn't provide this link???

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