26 June 2010

Misdiagnoses of Swine Flu

It's becoming clear that the swine flu pandemic was a lie. For links as to what the Council of Europe said about the pandemic read, "Larege Scale Placebo Medicine" on this blog.

A further aspect of the pandemic-that-never-was is the number of avoidable deaths brought about by misdiagnosis. One report comes from the British Medical Journal in, "Life threatening infections labelled swine flu" which has,

"Over six weeks (1 July 2009 to 15 August 2009) we reviewed cases of potentially life threatening conditions admitted to the Newcastle infection services in which diagnosis and management were delayed because of an initial, incorrect diagnosis of swine flu. During this time, rates of novel H1N1 swab positivity (22/336) suggested a local prevalence of 6.5% of patients presenting to hospital with a flu-like illness compared with 11.8% throughout England.3

A label of swine flu resulted in an average diagnostic delay of three days in six adults and two children who were admitted with potentially life threatening infection requiring timely antimicrobials. They had instead meningococcal meningitis; severe (11% parasitaemia) and mild (0.2%) Plasmodium falciparum malaria complicated by renal failure; acute myeloblastic leukaemia presenting with febrile pancytopenia; Campylobacter gastroenteritis with renal failure; Haemophilus influenzae respiratory tract infection (bone marrow transplant recipient); complicated soft tissue infection; and a fatal Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia with multiorgan failure.

Of course, if these misdiagnoses had not been picked up, as was the case here, unnecessary deaths would have been the result.

Consequently, a google search of misdiagnosis of swine flu returns pages of headlines such as,

"Mother 48, Dies of Meningitis after swine flu misdiagnosis"

and, "Diabetic boy died after swine flu misdiagnosis.

There are other cases reported but once one starts to look the exercise becomes somewhat macabre. Needless to say, the WHO lie has cost many lives.

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