09 April 2010

Pharmaceuticals Soon ...

The Asia Times in, "US lawsuits may flood China drywalls", tells the story of a massive law suit borne of shoddy goods from China.

This time it is 'drywalls', sheets of material used to partition the insides of houses.

The court case explains,

"From 2004 through 2006, the housing boom and rebuilding efforts necessitated by various hurricanes led to a shortage of construction materials, including drywall. As a result, drywall manufactured in China was brought into the United States and used in the construction and refurbishing of homes in coastal areas of the country, notably the Gulf Coast and East Coast. Sometime after the installation of the Chinese drywall, homeowners began to complain of emissions of smelly gasses, the corrosion and blackening of metal wiring, surfaces, and objects, and the breaking down of appliances and electrical devices in their homes. Many of these homeowners also began to complain of various physical afflictions believed to be caused by the Chinese drywall. Accordingly, these homeowners began to file suit in various state and federal courts against homebuilders, developers, installers, realtors, brokers, suppliers, importers, exporters, distributors, and manufacturers who were involved with the Chinese drywall."

Whilst in the UK we have the toxic sofa scandal.

"The Chinese-manufactured leather sofas, which were also sold by Walmsley Furnishing and Argos, caused skin allergies, rashes and burns on more than 4,000 people in the UK."

I wonder when people will start becoming ill from poorly made drugs?

Update - this just in from Pharmalot "Chinese Drugmaker Under Criminal Investigation"

"Here’s an episode certain to raise confidence in China’s domestic pharma industry. Simcere Pharmaceutical disclosed this week has revealed that employees at its recently acquired Jiangsu Yanshen vaccine producer are under criminal investigation for allegedly covering up manufacturing screw-ups that led to the release of substandard human rabies vaccine doses two years ago.

Four batches of human use rabies vaccine, which were released into the market between July and October 2008, had an insufficient amount of active compound, which agents from China’s State FDA are now investigating.

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