18 March 2010

Run 'Em Out Of Town

A note appeared on Old Holborn's site about five days ago called, "Disobey It Is Your Duty".

The post suggests ways and means of getting at the current gov via boycotting a number of goods and services, for example:

"1) No work, no school. ...
2) No shopping - don't buy. ...
3) Don't comply, take your £££s and savings out of large, corporate banks, ...
4) Ask Why. ...

Which is all very well but it lacks focus and coordination.

Of the four options listed by Old H, the Achilles heel is number three, "... take your money out of the banks ..."

However, for this to be effective, the bank should be chosen carefully; the withdrawals should be sudden and they should be sufficient to create a panic which ensure that the bank needs to be bailed out.

This process should be repeated until there is a sufficiently large run on the bank that it has to close.

One of the most effective means the government has of wielding power is not violence but through its sovereignty over money. Sever that and you're on your way to being free.

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