16 January 2010

Throwing Out Your Conscience With Your Credibility

Lord Lucas is working hard in the Lords but appears to have collapsed from exhaustion; Out-Law reports,

"A Conservative peer who had proposed forcing copyright holders to detail the exact damage they suffered when trying to force alleged infringers off the internet will drop the plan. Lord Lucas told OUT-LAW Radio that he would "not pursue" the proposal."

Mmmm ... so we're going to get something similar to the US Copyright Act which gives the right to fine people for loss even though there has been no loss. An example of this nonsense occurred when a downloader was fined US$ 1.92 million.

See, Jammie Dodger.


Isn't legislation a process of discovery rather than imposition? Shouldn't attempts be made to make legislation lawful other than by force?

And while we're at it ... the Times reports, "Music 'piracy' website founder acquitted of fraud."

"A man accused of running a sophisticated music piracy website used by more than 200,000 members was acquitted of conspiracy to defraud today.

Alan Ellis, 26, was accused of making hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Oink website, which he ran alone from his own bedroom.

But a jury at Teesside Crown Court unanimously cleared the software engineer of the charge.

Why was he prosecuted in the first place?

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