11 January 2010

Pay Off: technique number 208

We all know that if you need to pay off the labour unions you go to Vegas and gamble away the money, which gets passed on.

Craig Murray tells us that he "think[s] there needs to be an investigation into the practice by publishers of paying massive advances to politicians, which they know will never be recouped. That is, its another pay-off technique.

Now we have, "News International admits payout to phone-hacker was for unfair dismissal."

"News International has admitted it was forced to hand former News of the World journalist and convicted phone-hacker Clive Goodman a generous payoff because it failed to follow statutory procedures."

Was it really forced or were the statutory procedures simply not followed?

"Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator who worked for the paper, received a six-month jail sentence. He also received a pay-off from News International after his lawyers began employment tribunal proceedings."

These pay-offs are quite impressive.

Whoever is currently working for News International under similar circumstances will certainly get the impression that they'll be 'looked after' if they come a cropper.

Along the line of honour amongst thieves, this behaviour is quite reputable.

At least nobody got killed.

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