12 January 2010

Lights which dazzle

The Telegraph reports a "New law bans shining laser beams at aircraft."

"The new regulation makes shining a light or laser at a plane a specific offence and its introduction comes after a growing number of incidents near British airports."

Article 222 of The Air Navigation Order 2009 (No. 3015) provides,

"A person must not in the United Kingdom direct or shine any light at any aircraft in flight so as to dazzle or distract the pilot of the aircraft."

The penalty for which is found in part B of schedule 13 where article 241(6) provides,

"Any person who contravenes any provision specified in Part B of Schedule 13 is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 [£2,500] on the standard scale."

Anyway ... all very interesting.

The point I want to make is ... if mad terrorists can bring Heathrow airport night flights to its knees with a £20 laser pen ... why bother making any explosives? Why bother trying to blow up the aircraft in flight?

All very puzzling.

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