15 January 2010

Come on Myleene

Ever had the feeling that you've been cheated? This time, not by Peaches but by Myleene Class and her operation?

I first heard about it over at the Magistrates Blog who explained that, Nothing Is As It Seems and points to a story in the Guardian.

"Myleene: a hero for these lawless times" which tells the tale of how the media was shamelessly used in order to raise the profile of Myleene.

"There might conceivably be the odd member of a remote Amazon tribe who is still unaware that Myleene saw two teenagers acting suspiciously in the garden of her Hertfordshire home last Thursday night, but such benighted individuals are very much a minority of Earth's population,..."

The Guradian continues ...

"The story, based on quotes from Ms Klass's publicist and interpreted by some national newspapers, does not reflect the events of that night in an accurate way," they [the Hertfordshire police] said. "Ms Klass was treated with respect and sympathy by the police officers who came to her home." The force has since pointed out that no reference was made in the incident report to use of a weapon, countered that the law allows householders the proportionate use of defence to protect themselves and their property, and added that "words of advice were given in relation to ensuring suspicious behaviour is reported immediately".

Why was advice on prompt reporting given? Having bothered to establish the chain of events, Lost in Showbiz discovers that the initial call to police was not placed by Myleene but by a man believed to be her agent or publicist, to whom she was naturally on the phone at the time. Truly, the fourth emergency service. It was one or other of these men who called the Met in London, who then passed the matter on to the Hertfordshire force who attended Myleene's address in the small hours of Friday, by which time she had also been in touch with police. As for the story's appearance in the Sun the very next day, Hertfordshire police state: "We believe the media found out about the incident following a phone call from Ms Klass's publicist to Emma Cox from the Sun."

Alas, despite having given copious quotes and assistance on the story all week, both publicist and agent declined to discuss this yesterday, ...

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