09 December 2009

Climategate Prosecution?

In an earlier post I discussed whether or not the climategate scientists should be subjected to a private prosecution (for fraud, misconduct in public office and breaches of the Freedom of Information Act, see s77) by one of the UK's Royal Societies.

The call for prosecution wasn't born of malice; rather, to get to the bottom of 1) whether or not there has been any wrong doing, and 2) to restore the reputation of science done by the Climate Research Unit.

It may well be that there is simply smoke and no fire; or none with which to begin a prosecution. An open and transparent process of a private prosecution - because the stakes are so high - would bring some clarity.


  1. Rather than doing something so Quixotic as beseiging a few academics in their ivory tower, why not pursue an action which will do some public good.

    A prosecution of the killers of the commuter at Stockwell might be a start at cleaning up the Met, something the holders of public office seem to have no stomach for.


  2. Thanks for the comment and link.

    The positions are not mutually exclusive: the pursuit of one aim shouldn't preclude the pursuit of the other.