18 November 2009

The Silence of the RSC

The Royal Society of Chemistry claims to be

"... the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences."

We have seen the sacking and humiliation of a scientist for the analysis and reporting of science in the form of Professor Nutt, yet there has been no statements of support or otherwise from the RSC.

Every couple of years Blighty bemoans the lack of pupils opting for science; one year it was said,

Why be a scientist when you can be his boss?

The Nutt affair has certainly reinforced this view.

Now we discover that a female scientist ended up whoring herself when she ran out of money during her PhD studies.

As yet, the RSC hasn't said anything. As to what this will do for the reputation of scientists in British society and for those who opt for science remains to be seen.

As a slogan, this is pathetic.

Train to become a Phd scientist; the money is so bad that you may end up becoming a prostitute to make ends meet.

(Keep it secret though, it may cast doubts upon your integrity as a scientist).

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