04 November 2009

Is that it? An explanation.

Bologna Train Station Stopped Clock.

In the previous post, Gladio. Is that it?, I quoted from the European Union's Official Journal; a resolution and a response.

The resolution was incredibly damning. In short, it said that post war democracy within Europe has been a sham. It never existed. The will of the people was allowed to be expressed through government policy only if it satisfied the agenda of others.

I responded by saying, 'is that it?'. This was in reply to the response to the indictment which was akin to a shrug of the shoulders. Subsequently, nothing has happened. This post war history, the consequences of which are that democracy in Europe was a sham, most probably is still a sham, and will continue to be a sham, was and is being ignored. Ignored by political institutions such as national and european parliaments; ignored by mainstream media.

Without any public scrutiny of Gladio we cannot know whether or not it is responsible for any terrorist attack in Blighty, Europe, or anywhere else in the world.

Gladio is one of the known unknowns.

There is no reason that this should be the case. Scrutiny of the organisation, their crimes and methods, and prosecutions of the terrorists who murdered people would reduce it to a known known.

Part E of the resolution says, "these organizations operated and continue to operate completely outside the law". On the basis of this, for all we know, this organisation was responsible for the Madrid and London bombings: Gladio bombed the Bologna train station. Why not these other two cities?

The pathetic inaction towards this resolution express the power of this clandestine organisation; the pathetic inaction shows who rules.

Just imagine if Gladio was an Islamic terrorist organisation: no stone would be unturned in order to seek them out. Gladio would be a proscribed organisation; instead, nothing.

I wonder what the Home Secretary would say if I asked him why Gladio was not a proscribed organisation?

Perhaps the same as Archie Hamilton back in 1992?

Operation Gladio

Mr. Flynn : To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what is his policy on the public disclosure of information on the activities of and United Kingdom support for Operation Gladio since its inception.

Mr. Archie Hamilton : It has been the policy of successive Governments not to comment on matters of this nature. This remains the policy.


  1. Gladio is key to understanding so called 'Islamic' terrorism.

    - Aangirfan

  2. I did submit a freedom of information request but received, in part,

    "... I can neither confirm nor deny whether the Home Office holds the information you request."