26 November 2009

Freedom of the Just

A couple of days ago I provided a quick link to a lecture by the Master of the Rolls about rights, responsibilities and the rule of the law.

To give a flavour of the lecture I took two quotations from it. One was the ratio from Entick v Carrington, the other was ...

"To paraphrase Lord Denning, the freedom of the just is worth little to them if they can be preyed upon indiscriminately."

Here is an example of someone being indiscrimately preyed upon,

"Forced into Prison / Mental Hospital for not revealing cryptographic keys to the Kafkaesque Police and (in)Justice system here in the United Kingdom."


"UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files. Terror squad arrest over model rocket, By Chris Williams."


  1. I blame the people who vote for the malign numbskulls who enact these laws. Apparently the system is called "democracy".

    The police implement them in a way that's particularly well catalogued.


    OBTW entertaining to see that Steganos is a load of shite.

  2. @sam_m - depressing isn't it? It's like watching rats running around a maze in a laboratory, being prodded and poked; being starved and fed: then, realising that you are in the maze, you're one of the rats.