20 October 2009

Rubber Ducking Stupid

There's an advert running on UK TV that sums up the fatuous nature of the UK's economy.

The advert can be found on youtube; its purpose is to promote a webpage. Nothing wrong with the website, nor the company behind it. Instead, my problem is with the potential UK customers of this website.

This is illutrated by the rubber ducks. Character A walks into a room and says to Character B, in a concerned manner, "we've just got an order for a thousand of these", he shows Character B a rubber duck and asks, "where are we going to get them from?"

This is the cue for Character B to say, "don't worry, we'll look on this website", and ... a thousand rubber ducks magically fall from the air.

The question is ... a customer wants one thousand rubber ducks; there is a manufacturer in China, so why do we need Characters A and B? What do they add to the deal? There isn't anything wrong with the website that Characters A and B visit but ... can't the ultimate customer visit this web page and sort of cut out Characters A and B?

In fact, the web is set up for this very process - cutting out the middle man, or

The problem is we seem to have built a large part of our economy on the fantasy of being a necessary middle man. We've exported and continue to export our capability of making things, we set ourselves up as project managers but we have no praxis of what we manage. A huge section of our economy is thus useless.

"We're Doomed!"

Every time I see this ad; I think of this continuing economic disaster.

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