19 October 2009

Corporate Cooptation of Environmentalism

The Guardian reports, Copenhagen climate change talks are last chance, says Gordon Brown, 19th Oct 2009.

Brown, with a certainty that is borne of stupidity, warns of climate catastrophes such as floods, droughts and such ...

May I invite readers to compare this massive campaign with what is written in, The Corporate Climate Coup, where the takeover of the environmental movement by corporate groups is analysed.




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From Copenhagen 2009.

Odd comments from the RSC ... with no sense of irony,

"In 50 days’ time, leaders from across the world will meet in Copenhagen to craft the successor to the Kyoto Protocol, and try to save the planet from the dire consequences of extreme climate change."

Yet we do not have an agenda as to what they are trying to agree.

Update 18th January 2011. I found the following lecture from David F Noble. It makes an interesting point that both the global warming narrative and global warming denial narrative come from the same source. Noble argues that they are both threads of propaganda from the same source, the result is that any other opinion doesn't get a chance to be aired. You're either a warmist or denier otherwise you don't get a say.

This reminds me of the essay by John Fraim called, "Symbolism of Control". In the essay Fraim explains,

"Control was originally gained through the visible 'hard' power of strength and power maintained through sanctions of penalties and punishment. But through the ages society has grown wise to these hard methods of control. For this reason, modern holders of control have realized that control is now gained and maintained through the invisible 'soft' power of public relations, propaganda, entertainment and media."

Fraim goes on to illustrate the shift from a vertical power structure,


to a horizontal structure

left v right

which disguises the relationship of power.

So, when we see the following symbols,

Global Warming Advocates v Global Warming Deniers

the relationship that this has to power is hidden.

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