13 October 2009

Carbon Capture Creates a Lake Nyos Near You

The Times reports that,

"Millions of tonnes of potentially lethal carbon dioxide may have to be stored deep under towns and villages to prevent climate change, according to a senior government adviser."

in, "Lethal gas may have to be stored under villages, says adviser."

This is quite a terrifying story: surely they can't be that stupid? We've all heard of the enviro-whiner trinity of "expensive, shoddy and deadly" but that only applies to the imposition of crack pot ideas upon the third world by first worlders, doesn't it?

When I read the story the first thing that came to mind was Lake Nyos. This is a volcanic lake in Cameroon: carbon dioxide continually gasses into this lake from the depths of the earth. One night back in 1986 a mud slide disturbed the vast tonnes of carbon dioxide that had dissolved in the lake over many years. The gas permeated the air and suffocated thousands of people and their animals for miles around.

We plan to bring this threat to Blighty.

Since this disaster, the lake has been and is being carefully degassed.

As we capture carbon dioxide, wasting energy and hence environmental resource, volcanic activity spews it into the air.

Pointless isn't it?

Notes - Activist Teacher on Global Warming.

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