09 September 2009

McBride's Business

Image from the Guardian

There are many reports that Nadine Dorries (eg here, here, here, amongst others) has served McBride and Draper with libel writs and is sending a writ to No 10 for Sir Gus O'Donnel.

A couple of points that struck me about the story so far: why only libel?

Didn't their behaviour create any other causes of action or charges? Eg, misfeance in public office (see Three Rivers) or misconduct in public office?

Secondly, in the middle of a recession, how come McBride gets to walk into a job as a "Business and Community Manager"?

This begs a couple of question of the school that employed him:

Is this is a new position?
Was it created specifically for McBride?
How well advertised was the position?
Why employ him over someone else?
Is it appropriate for a school to be employing someone who left his previous position under the circumstances that McBride left his last position?

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