18 August 2009

Stuck On You

Superpowerless by
Wolf Howard
One of the Stuckists, Charles Thomson, complains of Cronyism at the Tate.

He complains about the "appointment of "Bob and Roberta Smith" (aka Patrick Brill) and Wolfgang Tillmans as two new artist trustees" and explains that there is a potential conflict of interest. They are trustees and also artists who may want to sell/display their work at the gallery.

I'll leave Charles Thomson to it; since I want to focus on the Charity Commission.

Aren't they supposed to regulate this sort of thing?

According to their webpage they are ... So, why aren't they doing so?

This matters because the Charity Commission are also responsible for overseeing thousands of other charities and determine, for example, whether or not some schools are eligible for charitable status.

The problem is that if they can't sort out such obvious trangressions, are they fit to oversee the charitable status of any entity? I appreciate that this sounds a bit extreme but the last thing one would expect of an organisation overseeing the charitable status of a group of organisations is caprice.

The sooner the Charity Commission comes under some sort of scrutiny the better.

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