14 July 2009

Extending Our Reach to Sublimaze?

"Organised crime groups one step ahead of police, Home Office admits" is a newspaper article by the Times, which discusses a new report by the UK gov, "Extending Our Reach," about organised crime.

Buried within the report is a graph that looks at the prices of illegal drugs.

One of the illegal drugs cited in the report was heroin. The wholesale prices and retail prices were given with a few words as to what this could be construed to mean.

My question is ... why heroin?

I ask this in the context of Sublimaze?

Looking at the thickie-pedia link one can see that the compound is one hundred times more potent than morphine (whereas heroin is said to be "one and a half to two times more potent than morphine itself") and it is simple to produce.

The puzzle for me is why anyone would go to the bother of importing heroin when it is possible to produce sublimaze.

It reminds me of the joke about Chinese take-aways.

"Ooooh, you don't want to go to the Chinese take-away. They put cats and dogs in the food rather than beef, chicken and pork.

Yeah, right. So, instead of going down to the local meat market and loading up on prime cuts of beef, chicken and pork; Chinese chefs are going to go around the streets of suburbia, under cover of darkness, looking for cats and dogs to chop up?

In other words you can either set up a clandestine lab and easily make enough to supply the UK from an obscure lock up somewhere; or, you can deal with drug barons in third world countries and run a customs and excise gauntlet as you get your product back to the West?

Mmmm. Local meat supermarket or chase around suburbia under cover of darkness, which is it to be?

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