15 July 2009

Biting the hand ...

Education: private schools 'face fee hike' reports the Telegraph.

The story discusses the results of the Charity Commission's lastest information about the application of its Public Benefit test.

This is very interesting; the newspaper report only scratches at the surface of what is happening. The report came out because it applied to private schools, which often seek and achieve charitable status; however, there are a large number of charitable organisations that are not private schools.

If the public benefit test begins to bite - as it appears to have done in the newspaper article - then it will bite other charities.

Expect other charities to come under pressure in the future.

ps Hogwarts, for example, would not achieve charitable status. Although it has a charitable purpose, education; it would have difficulty demonstrating that its aims are for the public benefit. Hence, it would fail the public benefit test.

I anticipate that there are a lot of charities out there that will have trouble with the public benefit test.

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