03 May 2009

Alien Abduction

Murphy (2005, p 5) has,


Judicial reasoning is a combination of three different kinds of logical process, ie, inductive reasoning (reasoning from an accumulated data base of known instances towards a new first principle); deductive (reasoning from first principles towards a conclusion in a particular instance); and abductive (reasoning by way of comparative analysis of rival hypotheses towards a qualitative preference for one of them over the others).

For me, it is the last form of logical reasoning, abduction, that is part of what lies at the core of conspiracy theory. When there are a number of rival hypotheses that explain an event the manner in which one hypothesis is chosen by society and imposed upon dissenters is that of enculturation. Where enculturation is defined as, "... the process by which a person learns the requirements of the culture by which he or she is surrounded, and acquires values and behaviours that are appropriate or necessary in that culture."

This process should be obvious to all who express dissenting views concerning official narratives. The phenomenon has its own fascination where those who attempt to impose the encultured view, like the majority in Étiene de la Boétie's Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, ...

... participate in their own tyranny.

Murphy P (2005). Murphy on Evidence 9th ed, Oxford: oxford University Press.
Esprit d'Escalier - In view of my header, I should have called this post "Julia's Abduction."
Note - hat tip to nourishing obscurity, "[inference] deduction, induction and abduction", which tempted me to post a comment on their site about this subject, 20th April, 2009.

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