26 April 2009

Update 01 Misconduct And Or Misfeasance In Public Office?

Earlier this month, like everyone else in the noosphere/blogosphere, I blogged about Damien McBride, see "Misconduct And Or Misfeasance In Public Office?

The latest is that Nadine Dorries has,

"... instructed and proceeded with legal action.

Obviously, I am not going to say anything at all at this stage, other than that

Unfortunately there aren't enough details as to her cause of action, etc. But I hope to post more, as and when.

The story is covered in The Guardian but this only builds upon Dorries' blog post, see Tory MP Nadine Dorries to sue over Damian McBride 'smear' emails.

Hattip to Liberal Conspiracy.

Update 30th Oct 2009

MP wins damages from McBride (£1,000 damages, £2,500 costs). As more details emerge will update.

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