25 January 2009

What Ever Happened To The Linux Chick?

About ten years ago I was into the whole Linux thing. One of the things that I remember from that time was the above picture.

Does anyone know what she's doing now?

For some reason I imagine that she made a fortune during the dot.com bubble; then she went back to college to finish her PhD (which she had to put on hold during her time as a CEO), and now she's living on an island off the west coast of Canada?

Anyone else want to make a guess in the comments?

Does anyone else actually know????

Update 25th March 2011 - I'm crushed ... it looks as though the model was gimped, see IT Conservative: Linux Whores: I hope he's wrong but ...


  1. wanna know something funny? this picture is actually me =) Circa 1997 in my bedroom. I was 17 at the time and I took this photo and GIMP'd it up as a thank you to all my IRC friends who had helped me through my first Debian install.

    Something funny just made me look for this image and I came across your blog, I hope you'll forgive the intrusion =)

    No fortune, no PhD, no Canada... but I live in Brooklyn and I do okay!

  2. Wow ... I've let this blog lapse for quite a while now, so it was a pleasant surprise to read your note. Hope everything is well with you, Linux Chick!